Pacific Health Dialogue – the Journal of Community Health and Clinical Medicine for the Pacific Region is the only Medline listed medical and public health journal published specifically for Pacific island countries. Reviewing the archives will reveal the very broad extent of the contributions by many doctors over many years.
Staying abreast of the latest changes in technology in the health field will also serve as a benefit to the Pacific region. As such maintaining relations with healthcare software firms and healthcare it technology companies is becoming of increasing importance today. Some of these relations are being pursued via offering of sponsorship opportunities as well as joint venture partnerships.
Their expertise and experience is unique in the world and the contributions now open up the issues of Pacific health for the world to see, to come to know and to contribute to. This has essentially become a form of healthcare and medical marketing, leveraging the recognition of respected doctors to spread awareness. While a more active approach can also be taken through direct marketing efforts, sometimes a blended approach is most efficient.
As of 8 September 2009, the PHD archive has been transferred to the Fiji School of Medicine, PHD is now owned by the Pasifika Medical Association and is produced with the assistance of Massey University and the Fiji School of Medicine.
All our issues of Pacific Health Dialog (PHD) are listed below, along with their themes.
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Year Month/issue Subject
1994 March. Vol. 1 Number 1
Inaugural issue
September. Vol. 1 Number 2 Pacific Child Health.
1995 March. Vol. 2 Number 1 Population, Women and Development
September. Vol. 2 Number 2 AIDS, STD and Sexuality in the Pacific
1996 March. Vol. 3 Number 1 Non-communicable Diseases in the Pacific
September. Vol. 3 Number 2 Communicable Diseases and Environmental Health in the Pacific
1997 Volume 4 Number 1 Medical Education and Health Reform
September. Vol. 4 Number 2 Pacific Peoples in New Zealand
1998 March. Vol. 5 Number 1 Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases in the Pacific
The Health of Native Hawaiians V5 No2 The Health of Native Hawaiians



March Vol. 6 Number 1 Health in Fiji and the Pacific
September Vol. 6 Number 2 Health of Tongans and other Pacificans



March Vol. 7 Number 1 Maori Health in New Zealand
September Vol. 7 Number 2 Telehealth in the Pacific



March Vol. 8 Number 1 Health in Samoa and the Pacific
September Vol. 8 Number 2 The Health of Native Hawaiians
2002 March Vol. 9 Number 1 Emergency Health in the Pacific
September Vol. 9 Number 2 Guam and Health Transition in the Pacific
2003 March Vol. 10 Number 1 Oral Health in the Pacific
September Vol. 10 Number 2 Pacific Public Health 1
2004 March 2004 Vol. 11 Number 1 Pacific Public Health 2
September Vol. 11 Number 2 Cancer in the Pacific
2005 March 2005 Vol. 12 Number 1 Health in Palau and Micronesia
September 2005 Vol. 12 Number 2 Pacific Health Surveillance and Response
2006 March 2006 Vol. 13 Number 1 2004 &; 2005 Pacific Health Summits for Sustainable Disaster Risk Management
September 2006 Vol. 13 Number 2 Community Health and Clinical Medicine for the Pacific
2007 March 2007 Vol. 14 Number 1 Developing Human Resources in the Pacific
March 2007 Vol. 14 Number 2 Health Promotion in the Pacific
2009 February 2009 Vol. 15 Number 1 Pacific Mental Health and Addictions
February 2009 Vol. 15 Number 2 Health Systems Research - Fiji et, al.
2010 April 2010, Volume 16 Number 1

Health Issues in the Federated States of Micronesia

Sept 2010, Volume 16 Number 2

Fiji School of Medicine 1885-2010 Celebrating 125 Years

2011 -2013

March 2011, Volume 17 Number 1 NCD and CD in the Pacific
Sept 2013, Volume 19 Number 2:1 Affordability of drugs for diabetes and hypertension in Vanuatu as accepted by Pacific Health Dialogue