Medical Education and Health Reform
PHD. March 1997. Vol. 4. No. 1.

Issue Editors:
Dr. Sitaleki Finau
Dr. Greg Dever

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Guest Editorials
  J. I. Samisoni, P. Head, S. A. Finau, G. Dever 005-008

Original Papers
Risk factors associated with preterm deliveries in Pohnpei, 1995 S. Malsol, J. A. Flear 009-013
Ke Ola O Hawaii - a community partnership for health, and new challenges for faculty G. Feletti, C. Lum 014-021
Problem-based learning: its application to medical rehabilitation research M. H. Fitzgerald, D. A. Goebert, D. Tipene–Leach, G. Dever 022-027
Perceptions of the social, cultural, and psychological well–being in Palau A. Futterman–Collier, K. Sadao, C. Otto, A. Polloi 028-034
The influence of bed nets on Bancroftian Filariasis in Buhutu Valley, Papua New Guinea P. Sapak, G. Williams 035-038
Efficacy of yeast-recombinant hepatitis B vaccine in prevention of perinatal transmission in Saipan A. M. Durand, H. Sabino Jr., F. Mahoney, I. Abraham 039-042
Family planning and contraception in Tongoleleka village, Kingdom of Tonga H. Ivarature 043-050
Community perceptions of Youth to Youth in Health: a peer education program for primary health care, Marshall Islands K. L. Braun, D. Keju–Johnson 051-056
Evaluating interagency collaboration in disability programs in the Pacific Basin K. Sadao, N. Robinson, P. Magrab 057-065
Cancer in Guam: a review of death certificates from 1971 – 1995 R. L. Haddock, C. L. Naval 066-077
Obstetric emergencies and maternal deaths in the Solomon Islands C. Fallon, V. Johnston, K. Thomas, A. Larson, J. Pikacha 078-080

Case Reports and Short Communications
The PBMA and telemedicine in the Pacific: the first steps V. Yano, S. A. Finau, G. Dever, D. A. Person, J. I. Samisoni, W. Baravilala, J. Malani 081-084
Blood lead levels among children in Pohnpei: preliminary results I. Vimoto, S. A. Finau 085-087

Conference Reports and Papers
Dietary genocide: eating to an early death in Micronesia R. Jackson (88) 088-089
Medical education in the Pacific J. I. Samisoni 090-092
The role of medical associations The Honourable Del Pangelinan (93) 093-093
The PBMOTP - towards an inspirational accomplishment E. K. Pretrick 094-098
Pay attention to your education and work and see how much you can add to life V. M. Yano 099-100
A dream fulfilled J. Flear 101-103
One of the most precious realities: the quiet and private satisfaction of duty faithfully done T. A. Rogers 104-104
Internet medical education resources B. J. Goldsmith 105-105
Summary of the reports of the First, Second, and Third Pacific conferences of Community Health in Medical Education, 1991-1996 A. Sachs–Robertson, J. Flear, S. A. Finau, G. Dever 106-110
Family planning in the Federated States of Micronesia: past and present E. K. Pretrick 111-112
Training the Pacific surgeon C. McRae 113-115

Viewpoints and Perspectives
The health crisis in the US associated Pacific islands: moving forward A. Diaz 116-129
Health reform in Trinidad and Tobago: lessons for the Pacific islands? J. Sancho 130-137
Early experiences of the Health Planning Unit in Fiji J. Pepperall, G. Teskey 138-142
Appropriate health workforce for sustainable development in the Pacific S. A. Finau 143-153
Teenage pregnancies in the Pacific: a Tongan’s perspective S. F. Katoanga 154-160
Challenges for Pacific nutritionists J. Tunidau–Schultz 161-165
Nutrition training: needs and priorities in the Pacific Meleófa Malolo 166-171
The case for a Pacific public health surveillance network M. J. O’Leary 172-176

Pacific Health Institutions
The Pacific medical education model: introducing the process of innovation G. Dever, S. A. Finau, R. Hunton 177-190
Coordinating study skills in medical education: the PBMOTP experience D. Wyatt 191-197
The evolution of community health training at the PBMOTP J. A. Flear 198-202
Distance Education for health workers in Micronesia M. M. Fochtman, C. B. Allen, R. Gurusamy 203-206
The Office of Pacific Health and Human Services J. Iser 207-000

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