Communicable Diseases and Environmental Health in the Pacific

PHD. September 1996. Vol. 3. No. 2.

Issue Editors:
Dr. Greg Dever
Dr. Raoul Rudoy


Guest Editorials
A Pacific paradigm for sustainable and healthy development
G. Dever, R. Rudoy, Pages 136-139
The PBMA and the redevelopment of the indigenous physician workforce in select U. S. associated Pacific islands - we're back!
V. Yano, Pages 136-139

Original Papers
Progress on the elimination of hepatitis B virus transmission in Micronesia and American Samoa
F. J. Mahoney, B. Woodruff, S. Auerbach, A. Polloi, J. McCready, M. Durand, K. Aniol, E. Reed, I. Williams, E. Pretrick, Pages 140-146
How safe is the drinking water in Tonga?
V. A. Fuavao, S. Tiueti, S. Finau, S. Moala, Pages 147-152
Leptospirosis in Pohnpei (1986 - 1995): a case series on the use of dopamine/steroid for Weil's Syndrome
J. Malani, J. Pryor, K. Lusangulira, Pages 153-161
Tuberculosis in the CNMI: a case series
A. Mahmoudi, I. J. Abraham, Pages 162-165
Value priorities in child immunisation among Samoans in Hawaii and American Samoa
G. P. Loos, P. Hatcher, T. Shein, Pages 166-177
Community-based research and medical education: the PBMOTP experience with dengue, leptospirosis, TB and intestinal parasites
A. S. Robertson, D. Upson, G. Dever, D. Tipene Leach, Pages 178-186
Environmental risks for respiratory, diarrhoeal and skin diseases in six Pohnpeian villages
J. Yaingeluo, Pages 187-193
Edible vascular plants of the Line Islands
A. S. Whistler, Pages 194-199

Case Reports and Short Communications
Acute renal failure in children due to leptospirosis
J. E. Musgrave, D. A. Person, Pages 200-201
Mobilising for sanitation: an experience in Vanuatu
R. Dahal, Pages 202-204
A brief on tuberculosis and hepatitis in the Pacific
R. Rudoy, Pages 205-207
Typhoid in a Tongan village
A. Tangitau, Pages 208-210
Compliance to the School Entry Immunization Act at a Pohnpei private school
V. A. Skilling, Pages 211-212
Melanoma among Pacific peoples
P. Weinstein, S. Weinstein, Pages 213-215
Syphilis in Fiji
M. Schramm, Pages 216-219

Conference Reports and Papers
Healthy Island life styles - E Kau!
The Honorable M. M. Ueda, Pages 220-221
The programme on leprosy elimination in the Federated States of Micronesia
S.T. Han, Pages 222-222
The Convention on the Rights of the Child
D. Toganivalu, Pages 223-227
So who am I?
S. Kuartei, Pages 228-228
The Second PMBA Conference, Republic of Palau: Healthy Island Styles - E Kau?
V. Yano, Pages 229-230
SOPAC workshop: Appropriate and Affordable Sanitation for Small Islands
D. Depledge, Pages 231-232

Review Papers
Young women: silence, susceptibility and the HIV epidemic
E. Reid, Pages 233-239
Dengue fever: a prevention summary for Pacific health workers
D. M. Morens, Pages 240-252

Viewpoints and Perspectives
New Horizons in Health: a perspective for the 21st century
Dr. S. T. Han, Pages 253-257
Roots and wings of Healthy Islands: the history and potential of environmental health in the Pacific
J. Ireland, B. Powis, N. Litidamu, Pages 259-265
Health, environment and development: towards a Pacific paradigm
S. A. Finau, Pages 266-278
Healthy Lifestyles: a historical perspective
T. Wada, Pages 279-284
Churches: a model for community water supply projects in Micronesia?
S. J. Winter, Pages 285-000

Book Reviews
Pages 000-000

Pacific Health Institutions
The Pacific Biomedical Research Center
F. Greenwood, Pages 296-296
The Nature Conservancy: FSM community-based watershed management
B. Raynor, Pages 297-297
Water for survival
J. La Roche, Pages 298-298
The Pacific Postgraduate Medical Centre, Fiji School of Medicine
S. Kinnear, Page 299

Journal Abstracts
Pages 000-000

Letters to the Editor
Pages 000-000

PHD Editor
S A Finau, Pages 000-000