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PHD. September 1995. Vol. 2. No. 2.

Issue Editor: Sitaleki Finau

Guest Editorial
Ati G. Sokomanu, Pages 004-005

Original Papers
Epidemiology of HIV and AIDS in the Pacific
R. M. Sarda, G. P. Harrison, Pages 006-013
Health care costs of HIV/AIDS in the Pacific
D. A. Ahlburg, H. J. Larson, T. Brown, Pages 014-019
The knowledge of AIDS in Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea
H. Karel, Pages 020-023
Sexual behaviour and substance abuse among students in CNMI
A. M. Durand, Pages 024-030
Child abuse in Fiji: a hidden problem
R. F. Schultz, Pages 031-036
STD services in the Pacific: report of a survey
R. M. Sarda, J. Gallwey, Pages 037-044
Knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of reinfected patients - Suva STD clinic, Fiji 1994/5
P. Hotchin, P. Tapelu, V. Chetty, R. Hakwa, D. Phillips, Pages 045-047

Case Reports and Short Communications
Health professionals and the AIDS epidemic: say what you mean and mean what you say
B. Booth, Pages 048-050
Blood banking in the Pacific
S. R. Weinstein, Pages 051-053
HIV/AIDS in the Cook Islands
N. T. Hermann, T. Elikana, Pages 054-055
HIV/AIDS in Vanuatu
M. Abel, Pages 056-059
HIV/AIDS in Kiribati
T. Kienene, Pages 060-061
Solomons Islands HIV/AIDS programme
P. Afeau, E. Nukuro, Pages 062-064
HIV/AIDS in Western Samoa: the legal framework
F. Tufuuga, K. Seuseu, Pages 065-067
Primary HIV infection: a challenge for Pacific clinicians
P. Ruze, Pages 068-069

Conference Reports and Papers
The Yanuca Island Declaration: Pacific health in the twenty-first century
G. J. Dever, S. A. Finau, Pages 070-074
A Pacific perspective on HIV/AIDS: questions from 1990
Hon. A. Kuruisaqila, Pages 075-077
Moral aspects of the AIDS epidemic in the Pacific expressed in 1990
Bishop Patelesio Finau, Pages 078-081
Facts and feelings: a woman's perspective on AIDS from 1990
K. Helu-Thaman, Pages 082-083
HIV/AIDS and law reform in the Pacific
Justice D. V. Fatiaki, Pages 084-087
The Australian legal response to HIV
M. Alexander, Pages 088-092
Reproduction, reproductive health and STD: the unholy trinity for the Pacific
S. A. Finau, Pages 093-102

Review Papers
Sexual activities in the Pacific and HIV/AIDS risks
D. A. Ahlburg, H. J. Larson, Pages 103-106
Women, the HIV epidemic and human rights
J. Hamblin, E. Reid, Pages 107-116
HIV transmission and dental treatment
V. J. Brightman, Pages 117-124
AIDS: a compilation on America and the Pacific
A. R. Katz, D. M. Morens, Pages 125-131

Viewpoints and Perspectives
Sex and AIDS: myths that kill
S. Vete, Pages 132-139
AIDS and its possible impact on the Pacific
V. L. Rakaseta, Pages 140-146
HIV/AIDS: adding to the Pacific nightmare
R. C. Duncan, Pages 147-152

Book Reviews
The coming plague - newly emerging diseases in a world out of balance. Laurie Garrett
Reviewed by G. J. Dever, Pages 153-153
My own country: a doctor's story. Abraham Verghese
Reviewed by M. Rudoy and R. Rudoy, Pages 154-154
Building the capacity for an oral health response to the global HIV pandemic. R. Nowjack-Raymer, D. Barmes, D. Kleinman, et al.
Reviewed by T. W. Cutress, Pages 155-155
Demographic and socio-economic determinants of contraceptive use among urban women in the Melanesian countries in the South Pacific: a case study of Port Vila town in Vanuatu. T.K. Jayaraman
Reviewed by G. Borugu, Pages 156-157
TB/HIV - the Connection: what health care workers should know. US Public Health Services
Reviewed by E. Finau, Pages 158-158

Pacific Health Institutions
Social marketing of contraceptives in the Pacific: a SPAFH initiative
R. N. Duve, S. Samuel, Pages 159-161
The use of drama in AIDS prevention: building on Pacific culture
P. Sheehan, Pages 162-000

Journal Abstracts
Pages 000

Letters to the Editor
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PHD Editor
S A Finau, Pages 000