Population, Women and Development


Issue Editor:
Dr. Sitaleki Finau

Guest Editorials
H. Larson, W. J. House, Pages 004-005

Original Papers
Integrating population factors in development planning
W. J. House, Pages 006-016
Women's work and fertility in Fiji
V. L. Rakaseta, Pages 017-024
Population, fertility, mortality and migration in Tonga
N. A. Khalidi, Pages 025-034
The role and significance of population policies in the Pacific Islands
W. J. House, Pages 035-044
Key informant perceptions of family planning education in Vanuatu
R. Hardy, R. Dahal, J. J. Rory, Pages 045-050
The needy children of Fiji: a development flaw?
A. Chand, Pages 051-056

Case Reports and Short Communications
The economics of sex: what the economists forgot to remember
V. Wichman, Pages 057-060
Vitamin A in breast milk
V. Newman, Pages 061-064
Health and education strategies for sustainable development
D. Tonganivalu, Pages 065-068
Placing women at the centre of the analyses: the case of HIV/AIDS
E. Reid, Pages 069-072

Conference Reports and Papers
Population growth and educational planning
D. Sikua, Pages 073-079
Investment in children: a good return on our money
G. Richards, Pages 080-083
Pacific youth in a changing world: what of health?
S. Siwatibau, Pages 084-089
Cultural heritage and healthy development
A. Ravuvu, Pages 090-097
Pacific women: development for better health
S. A. Finau, Pages 098-103

Review Paper
Fertility and mortality in the Pacific Islands
F. G. Haberkorn, Pages 104-112

Viewpoints and Perspectives
The social conscience and obligation of physicians in contemporary Australia
B. J. Nelson, Pages 113-120
Perspectives on Pacific women and children
K. Seniloli, Pages 121-125
Health data systems in Micronesia: past and future
M. J. O' Leary, Pages 126-132
ICPD: Cairo and after. Implications for the Pacific
S. Chee
, Pages 133-137

Book Reviews
Sustainable development or malignant growth? Edited by 'Atu Emberson-Bain.
Reviewed by S. Alam, Pages 138-140
The Human Development Report. Prepared by UNDP
Reviewed by H. Larson, Pages 141-142
Pacific Island Populations. Prepared by South Pacific Commission
Reviewed by L. Lewis, Pages 143-144
Pacific Region NGO Conference on Population and Sustainable Development. Prepared by PIANGO
Reviewed by H. Larson, Pages 145-146

Pacific Health Institutions
UNFPA / Country Support Team
A. K. Kondo, Pages 147-147
A brief SPAFH profile in 1995
V. Tikinitabua, Pages 148-148
An introduction to Project Concern International
H. S. Karel, Pages 149-150
A new degree in primary health care for indigenous Australians
P. S. Hill, C. Shannon, Pages 151-154
Ke Ola O Hawai'i: promoting better health for the underserved
G. Feletti, C. Murry, Pages 155-160
Hands-on training in the management of primary care facilities: a PBMOTP initiative
A. Pointer, Pages 161-168

Journal Abstracts
Pages 169-174

Letters to the Editor
Maiava Peteru; Greg Dever; Nancy Pollock; Okey Okoji, Satma Karim, Pages 175-177

PHD Editor
Sitaleki Finau and Rex Hunton, Pages 180-180