Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases in the Pacific

Issue Editors:
Dr. Michael O'Leary
Dr. Sitaleki Finau

Guest Editorials
Sang Tae Han, Marcus H. Samo, Michael J. O’Leary, Pages 004-007

Original Papers
Naked wire and naked truths: reproductive health risks faced by teenage girls in Honiara, Solomon Islands
Fanou Burslem, Orapin Laohapensang, Josephine Sauvarin, Margaret Young, Ann Larson, Pages 008-015
HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and practices in the Cook Islands
Neti Tamarua, Edwina Tangaroa, Michael J. O’Leary, Pages 016-021
HIV and AIDS knowledge among medical laboratory technologists in the Pacific
Robert W. L. Siebers, Michael Lynch, Pages 022-025
The concept of empowerment in a traditional Fijian context
Glenn Laverack, Pages 026-029 converted from ODT to PDF
Animal leptospirosis in the Federated States of Micronesia
James R. Simms, Pages 030-037
Diurnal sub–periodic Bancroftian filariasis in Dogura, Papua New Guinea
Peter Sapak, Andrew Valley, Pamela Giurina, Conrad Maibani, Pages 038-040
The effectiveness of pertussis immunization during a pertussis outbreak in Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands
Thomas F. Wierzba, Christopher Chevalier, Bolton Hebala, Junilyn Pikacha, Pages 041-046
Sex industries and sexual networking in Papua New Guinea: public health risks and implications
Lawrence Hammar, Pages 047-053
Sociocultural vectors and the evolution of virulence in diarrheal pathogens affecting Micronesian populations
Vincent P. Diego, Pages 054-066

Case Reports and Short Communications
The prevalence of liver abscess in Pohnpei State, Micronesia
Johnny Hedson, Pages 067-069
Lepromatous leprosy masquerading as neurofibromatosis
A Mark Durand, Pages 070-071
Noncompliance to anti-tuberculosis medication in Pohnpei, Micronesia
Mayleen Jack Ekiek, Pages 072-073
Prevalence of intestinal helminth infection in Fiji
Elizabeth Mathai, Serupepeli Goneyali, Isoa Volavola, Pages 074-075
Prostitution in CNMI: political and economic aspects of emerging infectious diseases
Seiji Yamada, Pages 076-078
Campylobacter and Vibrio infections on Guam
Robert L. Haddock, Pages 079-082

Conference Reports and Papers
Voices from the community: a call to action for Asian and Pacific Island health in the new millennium
Stevenson Kuartei, Pages 083-085
Today’s health – tomorrow’s wealth: the fourth annual PBMA conference, 1998
Kennedy Remit, Victor Yano, Pages 086-088
The Convention on the Rights of the Child: first call for Pacific children
Ezekiel T. Nukuro, Pages 089-093
The Pacific Regional Consultation on the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Monitoring and Reporting, August 97
K. Chamberlain, Pages 094-095
South West Pacific Malaria Meeting: 14–17 July 1997
Joan Bryan, Kevin Palmer, Pages 096-098
The Fourth Pacific Conference of Community Health in Medical Education: 19 July 1997
May Okihiro, Pages 099-101
Can the Pacific get rid of filariasis by the year 2020? A conference report
Peter Sapak, Pages 102-104

Review Papers
WHO response to resurgence of tuberculosis: the DOTS strategy for effective control
Leopold J. Blanc, Pages 105-107
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: infection, maternal smoking and ethnic group
C.C. Blackwell, D.M. Weir, A. Busuttil, Pages 108-118
Measles in Fiji, 1875: thoughts on the history of emerging infectious diseases
David M. Morens, Pages 119-128
Dengue in the Pacific: an updated story
Tom Kiedrzynski, Yvan Souarès, Tony Stewart, Pages 129-136
Cryptosporidiosis: an emerging microbial threat in the Pacific
Nina Russell, Phil Weinstein, Alistair Woodward, Pages 137-141
Hepatitis B infection in the Pacific
Elizabeth Mathai, Murli Krishna, Pages 142-146
Acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis: dealing with a newly emerging disease
David M. Morens, Pages 147-153
Dengue in French Polynesia : major features, surveillance, molecular epidemiology and current situation
Eliane Chungue, Xavier Deparis, Bernadette Murgue, Pages 154-162

Ciguatera: dilemmas in clinical recognition, presentation and management
John Pearn, Pages 163-166

Viewpoints and Perspectives
Emerging infectious diseases: the Pacific at the crossroads
Stephen M. Ostroff, Pages 167-170
The tuberculosis epidemic in the CNMI
Jon Bruss, Artin Mahmoudi, Pages 171-175
Acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease: a prevention program for the Pacific
Steven B. Auerbach, Pages 176-179
Healthy Islands: from concept to practice
Jan Ritchie, Arie Rotem, Bronwyn Hine, Pages 180-186

Pacific Health Institutions
Climate, ENSO and health in the Pacific: research in progress
Nancy Davis Lewis, Michael Hamnett, Usha Prasad, Liem Tran, Alan Hilton, Pages 187-190
The Field Epidemiology Training Program: responding to the challenge of current and emerging infections
Mahomed Patel, Robert Douglas, Pages 191-194
Field epidemiology and public health surveillance training: proposals for new methods as part of the PPHSN
Yvan Souarès, Tom Kiedrzynski, Pages 195-199
PPHSN and PACNET: the Pacific islands are now tuned into the 21st century
Yvan Souarès, Pages 200-204

Book Reviews
Pages 205-213

Journal Abstracts
Pages 214-217

Obituary: Ngirakebou Dr. Polloi
Pages 218-218

Letters to the Editor
Pages 219-220

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S A Finau, Pages 224-224