Telehealth in the Pacific


Issue Editors: Dr Yvan Souarès and Dr Tom Kiedrzynski 

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Guest Editorials
Yvan Souarès, Victor Yano, Pages 004-005

Telehealth in the Pacific
Telehealth in the Pacific islands: a perspective and update from the Fiji School of Medicine.
Jan Pryor, Wame Baravilala, Charles Katoanga, Pages 006-010
Telehealth and outbreak prevention and control: the foundations and advances of the Pacific Public Health Surveillance Network
Yvan Souarès, Pages 011-028
Pacific Island Health Care Project: early experiences with a web-based consultation and referral network
Donald A Person, Pages 029-035
The role of the Picasso phone system in distance consultation for remote Pacific islands
Victor M Yano, Pages 036-039
Telemedicine in the Federated States of Micronesia
David Rutstein, Pages 040-045
Teleconsultations in Pohnpei State: a case in Federated States of Micronesia
Johnny S Hedson, Pages 046-050
Telemedicine in Majuro Hospital, Marshall Islands
Kamal J Gunawardane, Pages 051-053
Health and Telecast: a milestone for Tonga into the 21st Century
Seini T V Kupu, Pages 054-056
Proposed New Caledonia Telemedicine network
Catherine Merzeau, Pages 057-060
Experience and hopes for telehealth in Tokelau
Peter Adam, Pages 061-062

Distance Education in the Pacific
The role of low cost communications in health in the redevelopment of the indigenous physician workforce among selected jurisdictions of the US-associated Pacific Islands
Gregory Dever, Pages 063-067
Distance learning in the public health workplace
Mahomed Patel, Pages 068-070
Distance education: strategies for maintaining relationships
Peter Hill, Pages 071-073
Service-oriented training in public health: a model for enhancing public health surveillance in the Pacific
Mahomed Patel, Pages 074-075
The community in the classroom: designing a distance education community health course for nurses in Solomon Islands
Maggie Kenyon, Christopher Chevalier, Verlyn Gagahe, Rosie Sisiolo, Pages 076-080
Distance nursing education in Micronesia
Maureen M Fochtman, Pages 081-083
Fiji School of Medicine Diploma and Masters programmes
Tom Fiddes, Pages 084-085
Proposing continuing medical education for the Pacific
Marc Shaw, Pages 086-087
Regional training in public health surveillance: how far are we? An SPC perspective
Tom Kiedrzynski, Pages 088-091

Telecommunications and Pacific Health
The Pacific Islands Internet Project (PIIP) in UNDP, Suva
Mark Borg, Pages 092-094
The Communication Enhancement Through Telecommunication (ComET) project
Al Blake, Pages 095-097
TongaSat: its obligation to Tonga and the Pacific region
Lucy Anna Tupou, Seini Kupu, Pages 098-099
Literature searching and document delivery: organisational issues
Mark Perkins, Pages 100-104
Internet health resources
Arlene Cohen, Patricia Sheehan, Pages 105-104

Other themes
Research imperialism in Pacific health: the case of Tonga (1966 – 1997)
Sitaleki A Finau, ‘Eseta Finau, Malakai ‘Ofanoa, Pages 109-114
Pacific Health Research Council: health research by and for Pacificans
Jan Pryor, Sitaleki A Finau, Colin Tukuitonga, Pages 115-117
A method for active surveillance of selected communicable diseases
Michael J O’Leary, Pages 118-121
Dengue surveillance in the Pacific Islands.
Rob Condon, George Taleo, Tony Stewart, Tony Sweeney, Tom Kiedrzynski, Pages 122-126
Monolingual monologue: regional issues of professional communication from Pacific Health Dialog
Sitaleki A Finau, Gregory J Dever, Eseta Finau, Victor Yano, Pages 127-000

Journal Abstracts
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Book Review
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