The Health of Samoans and other Pacificans

PHD. 2001. Mar. Vol. 8 #1

Issue Editors:
Dr. Jan Pryor, 
Dr. Sitaleki A. Finau
Dr. Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop

Guest Editorial
Wame Baravilala, Pages 004-005

Original Papers
Striving for the best of both worlds: Samoan parenting in New Zealand
Antoinette McCallin, Janis Paterson, Sarnia Butler, Esther Tumama Cowley, Pages 006-014
Attitudes regarding tuberculosis among Samoans
Peter Leiataua AhChing, Merina Sapolu, Mili Samifua, Seiji Yamada, Pages 015-019
The pre-hospital experiences of Samoan families who have had a child admitted to hospital with pneumonia: a qualitative investigation
Nicola Young, Pages 020-028
The commercialisation of kava in Vanuatu
Anita Jowitt, Jenny Binihi, Pages 029-037
User charges and utilisation of obstetric services in the National Capital District, Papua New Guinea
Amos L. Benjamin, Peter Sapak, Jack K. Purai, Pages 038-043
Staple food intake in a rural village in Verata, Fiji
Elaine Rush, Robert Hedges, Bill Aalsbersberg, Dinacika Qionibaravi, Manaia Laulu, Pages 044-046
To be or not to be: recording Aboriginal identity on hospital records
Mark Brough, Cindy Shannon, Melissa Haswell-Elkins, Pages 047-053
he prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency in 1994 on an atoll of the Marshall Islands and its relationship to locally grown food
T. Joan Dickson, D. Daniel Hunt, Pages 054-058
Frequency of eating occasions reported by young New Zealand Polynesian and European women
Taua Amosa, Elaine Rush, Lindsay Plank, Pages 059-065
Teenage pregnancies in the Rewa medical sub-division, Fiji
Mohan Lal, Michael C. Asuzu, Mosese V. Salusalu, Naren Singh, Pages 066-070
Cesarean section deliveries in Fiji, 1986 to 1996
David L. Saunders, Sister S.L. Makutu, Pages 071-077
Traditional Tongan medicine and the role of traditional Tongan healers in New Zealand
Viliami Toafa, Losa Moata’ane, Barbara E Guthrie, Pages 078-082
Anxiety, stress and coping strategies among University of South Pacific students
Lafitai Fuatai, Frances Soon-Schuster, Pages 083-093
Cancer in Niue: analysis of a cancer register 1962-1985
Sitaleki A. Finau, Colin F Tukuitonga, Pages 094-098

Case Studies and Short Communications
Death from multi-resistant shigellosis in Fiji Islands
Chris Watson, Pages 099-102
From policy to action: access to essential drugs for the treatment of hypertension in the Small Island States (SIS) of the South Pacific
M.C.E. Bailey, A.A. Azam, G. Galea, A. Rotem, Pages 103-109
Epidemiological applications: a case report of a village epidemic of gastroenteritis
M.C. Asuzu, N. Singh, Pages 110-114
The adverse effects of kava
Ruci Kava, Pages 115-118
Obesity or large body size? A study in Wallis and Futuna
Nancy J. Pollock, Pages 119-123

Review Papers
Young Pacifican suicide attempts: a review of emergency department medical records, Auckland, New Zealand
Jemaima Tiatia, Carolyn Coggan, Pages 124-128
Differences in disease frequency between Europeans and Polynesians: directions for future research into genetic risk factors
William Abbott, Robert Scragg, John Marbrook, Pages 129-156
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors in Samoa and American Samoa, 1990-95
Stephen T. McGarvey, Pages 157-162
Mäori women and menopause
Beverley Lawton, Papaarangi Reid, Donna Cormack, Tony Dowell, Peter Stone, Pages 163-165
An analysis of vulnerability to HIV in Papua New Guinea
Paul C.Y. Chen, Pages 166-175
Human infections with Angiostrongylus cantonensis
William Alto, Patrick Lowry, Pages 176-182
Asthma in Pacificans in New Zealand and in the South Pacific
Ate Moala, Neil Pearce, Pages 183-187
Hepatitis B virus genotypes: a South Pacific perspective.
G.L. Harrison, Rosalind Murray-McIntosh, David Penny, Pages 188-192

Viewpoints and Perspectives
Counselling against all the odds: the Samoan way
Frances Soon Schuster, Pages 193-199
Community mental health: avoided by some, neglected by others
Roland F. Schultz, Pages 200-206
Health care in the freely Associated States in Micronesia: strategies beyond the Compacts
Angela A. Tokuda, George P. Cernada, David K. Kurahara, Pages 207-212
Suicide in Samoa
Terry Bourke, Pages 213-219

Conference Papers
Tetee atu le sasa ma le upu malosi: hold back your hands, and your harsh words
Peggy Fairbairn-Dunlop, Pages 220-000

Journal Abstracts
Pages 000-000

Book Review
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PHD Editor
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