Guam and Health Transition in the Pacific

Issue Editors: 
Dr. Roseann Jones (University of Guam)
Dr. Sitaleki A. Finau (Fiji School of Medicine)

Health Transition: 
Dr. Lisa Henry
Dr. Leslie Butt



Guest Editorials
Roseann Murphy Jones, Pages 176

Original Papers
Physical activity and nutritional status of adolescents on Guam
Rachael T. LeonGuerrero, Randall L. Workman, Pages 177-185
A leptospirosis outbreak on Guam associated with an athletic event
Robert L. Haddock, Jonathan W. Gilmore, Fernando Pimentel, Pages 186-189
Cholera control on Guam, 2000
Robert L. Haddock, Luong T. Truong, Tomas S.N. Aguon, Pages 190-192
Estimated intake and food sources of vitamin A, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, iron, and zinc for Guamanian children aged 9 to 12
Rebecca S. Pobocik, Jennifer J. Richer, Pages 193-202
Missed immunisation opportunities among Tongan children in Auckland, New Zealand
Daniel Mafi, Viliami M. Toafa, Cameron Grant, Pages 203-208
Smoking prevalence among young people in Papua New Guinea
Gilbert Hiawalyer, Pages 209-213
A psychometric evaluation and cross-cultural validation of the 21 item Hopkins Symptom Checklist
F. H. Walkey, H. S. Aghanwa, A. J. W. Taylor, Pages 214-218

Case Studies and Short Communications
Epidemiology of infants of diabetic mothers in indigent Micronesian population-Guam experience
Pradeep Alur, Priya Kodiyanplakkal, Amanda Del Rosario, Sanjay Khubchandani,
Radha Alur, John J. Moore, Pages 219-221
Cancer on Guam, especially among Micronesians
Robert L. Haddock, Cynthia L. Naval, Pages 222-224
The viral diarrhoea epidemic 2002 in the Marshall Islands: its impact on a small island pharmacy
Andrew Harding, Pages 225-231

Review Papers
Highlights of findings from the 1999 Guam study of youth risk behaviors
Randall L. Workman, Rachael T. Leon Guerrero, Thomas K. Pinhey, Michael P. Perez, Pages 233-236

Viewpoints and Perspectives
Communication in health care delivery in developing countries: which way out?
Jide Olutimayin, Pages 237-241
From information jungle trails to superhighways for health caregivers in the Pacific
Alice E. Hadley, Arlene Cohen, Pages 242-245
To go or not to go organic: what choice for Pacific island countries?
Lafitai Fuatai, Cortney Stewart, Pages 246-250

Health Transitions in the Pacific
Introduction. Culture, change and well-being: health transitions in the Pacific
Leslie Butt, Pages 251-253
Health transition among Pacificans: unpacking imperialism
Sitaleki A. Finau, Iris L. Wainiqolo, Giuseppe G. Cuboni, Pages 254-262
Living the health transition among the Chamorros of Guam
Vicki Torsch, Pages 263-274
Health transitions, fast and nasty: the case of Marshallese exposure to nuclear radiation
Nancy J. Pollock, Pages 275-282
The smokescreen of culture: AIDS and the indigenous in Papua, Indonesia Leslie Butt, Gerdha Numbery,
Jake Morin, Pages 283-289
Reconstruction and resistance: cultural responses to living the health transition in French Polynesia
Lisa Henry, Pages 290-295
Producing what in the transition? Health messaging and cultural constructions of health in Tonga
Heather Young Leslie, Pages 296-302
‘Atamai, fakakaukau and vale: ‘mind’, ‘thinking’ and ‘mental illness’ in Tonga
‘Okusitino Mâhina, Pages 303-308
Diet, health and the nutrition transition: some impacts of economic and socio-economic factors on food consumption patterns in the kingdom of Tonga
Mike Evans, Robert C. Sinclair, Caroline Fusimalohi, Viliami Liava’a, Pages 309-315

Conference Reports
Global Public Health Conference 2002: Issues  and Strategies for Hawai’i and the Pacific
Pratisha Budhiraja, Ann Davis, Pages 316-316

Pacific Health Institutions
Guam’s quest for improved haemophilia care
Roselie V. Zabala, Judith R. Baker, Pages 3170-320
Listening to the community: a first step in adapting Diabetes Today to the Pacific
Kathryn L. Braun, Rie L. Kuhaulua
Henry M. Ichiho, Nia T. Aitaoto, Pages 321-328
The UOG BSN program: successes and challenges
Maria Isabel Salomon, Pages 329-332

Book Reviews
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Letters to the Editor
Pages 342-343

PHD Editor
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