Oral Health in the Pacific

Issue Editors:
Jonacani Tuisuva (School of Oral Health, Fiji)
Zac Morse (School of Oral Health, Fiji)
Dr. Sitaleki A. Finau (Fiji School of Medicine)

Guest Editorials
Zac Morse, Joe Tuisiva, 004-005

Original Papers
Comparative analysis of oral health indicators among childen in Hawaii, the Republic of Palua and Territory of Guam
Mark Greer, Keith Larson, Suzanne Sison, Pages 006-011
Infant and child feeding practices and dental caries in 6 - 36 months old children in Fiji
Prakashni Singh, Telalsesi King, Pages 012-016
Early childhood caries among Hawaii public school children, 1989 vs 1999
Mark Greer, Susan Tengan, Karen Hu, Joyce Takata, Pages 017-022
Tooth brushing and utilization of dental services in Fiji
Temalasi King, Pages 023-027
Oral health status of older adults in Fiji: 1985 - 1999
Sela Panapasa, Jagdish Maharaj, Pages 028-034
Oral health status and treatment needs of institutionalized elderly and disadvantaged population in Fiji (1997)
Temalsi King, Devesh Kapadia, Pages 035-040
Smoking and chewing habits of oral cancer patients int he Solomon Islands
Robson Lumukana, Temalesi King, Pages 041-044
Quantitative evaluation of variance in secondary dentition eruption among ethnic groups in Hawaii
Mark Greer, Kevin Loo, Pages 045-050
Effects of propofol-ketamine asmixture in human volunteers
Zac Morse, Kimito Sano, Tomio Kanri, Pages 051-054

Case Studies and Short Communications
Oral melanosis: a case report of Peutz-Jegher's syndrome in Suva, Fiji
ore-oluwa Afolabi, Pages 055-056
Sacrococcygeal Teratoma: a case report and a review of literature
I. Afolabi, Pages 057-061

Review Papers
Dental caries in South Pacific Isalnd populations: a review
Terry Cuttress, Pages 062-067
Periodontal health in South Pacific Island populations: a review
Terry Cuttress, Pages 068-075
Cancer of the oral cavity - a growing concern in Micronesia and a case report from the Marshall Islands
Sangitta Bhandary, Prahlad Karki, Pages 076-078

Developing socially responsive and innovative curriculum: the Fijian model
Jonacani Tuisuva, Pages 079-082
A perspective from the developing world on the difficulties in providing adequate access to oral health
Sitaleki Finau, Pages 083-085
Consumerism, the media and malnutrition in the Pacific Islands
Randy Thaman, Pages 086-097

Viewpoints and Perspectives
Oral implications of Diabete Mellitus
Dan Wollner, Pages 098-101
Consent in dentistry
Seema Lal, Pages 102-105

Pacific Health Instititions
The early childhood caries prevention program in Palau
Keith Larson, Pages 106-110

Conference Reports
Pacific oral health summit - "A call for action", 2001
Jonacani Tuisuva, Bernadette Pushpaangaeli, Zac Morse, Pages 111-113
Selected Abstracts from Medline
Pages 114-115
Pacific Kava Research Symposium
Pages 116-120

PHD Editor
Pages 122