Cancer in the Pacific

Issue Editors:
JoAnn Ulimani Tsark
(Papa Ola Lōkahi, Hawaii)
Kathryn Braun
('Imi Hale, Hawaii)
Neal Palafox
(John A. Burns School of Medicine, Hawaii)

Guest Editorials
JoAnn U. Tsark, Kathryn L. Braun, Neal A. Palafox, Page 005
Hardy Spoehr, Pages 006-007

Original Papers
Cancer in the US Associated Pacific Islands (UASPI): history and participatory development
Neal A. Palafox, JoAnn ‘Umilani Tsark, Pages 008-013
Cancer Council of the Pacific Islands: speaking with one voice
Kamal Gunawardane, Yorah Demei, Pages 014-016
Cancer in American Samoa
Lu‘kia Ruidas, Aaron Adaoag, Victor Tofaeono Williams, Margaret L. Sesepasara, Pages 017-022
Cancer in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI)
Chien-Wen Tseng, Gabriela Omphroy, Jocelyn Muller Songsong, Robin Shearer, Pages 023-029
Cancer in Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia
Henry M. Ichiho, Rebecca Gladu, Kolid Keybond, Kino Ruben, Pages 030-036
Cancer in Kosrae State, Federated States of Micronesia
Cherie Shehata, Eugene Kroon, Vita A. Skilling, Livinson Taulung, Pages 037-043
Cancer in Pohnpei State, Federated States of Micronesia
Henry M. Ichiho, Vanessa Wong, John Hedson, Wincener J. David, Pages 044-049
Cancer in Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia
Sharyl Taoka, Thane Hancock, Victor Ngaden, A. Richter Yow, A. Mark Durand, Pages 050-056
Cancer in the Territory of Guam
Chien-Wen Tseng, Gabriela Omphroy, Luis Cruz, Cynthia L. Naval, Robert L. Haddock, Pages 057-063
Cancer in the Republic of Palau (Belau)
Vanessa Wong, Sharyl Taoka, Stevenson Kuartei, Yorah Demei, Francisca Soaladaob, Pages 064-069
Cancer in the Republic of the Marshall Islands
Eugène Kroon, Ravi Reddy, Kamal Gunawardane, Kennar Briand, Sheldon Riklon, Tin Soe, Grace Anne Diaz Balaoing, Pages 070-077

Pacific Cancer and Health Studies
Cancer in Micronesia
Neal A. Palafox, Seiji Yamada, Alan C. Ou, Jill S. Minami, David B. Johnson, Alan R. Katz, Pages 078-083
Cancer epidemiology in the freely associated U.S. Pacific Island jurisdictions: challenges and methodologic issues
Alan R. Katz, Neal A. Palafox, David B. Johnson, Seiji Yamada, Alan C. Ou, Jill S. Minami, Pages 084-087
Epidemiology of cancer in the Republic of Kiribati
Alan C. Ou, Takeieta Kienene, Kautu Tenaua, Gina D. Etheredge, Neal A. Palafox, Pages 088-093
Cancer in Pacific people in New Zealand: a descriptive study
Sunia Foliaki, Mona Jeffreys, Craig Wright, Karen Blakey, Neil Pearce, Pages 094-100
Epidemiology of cancer in the Republic of Nauru
Alan C. Ou, Godfrey Waidubu, Gina D. Etheredge, Neal A. Palafox, Pages 101-106
Smoking rates and risk factors among youth in the Republic of the Marshall Islands: results of a school survey
Tai-Ho Chen, Alan C. Ou, Heather Haberle, Vincent P. Miller, Justina R. Langidrik, Neal A. Palafox, Pages 107-113
Disparities in outcomes for pediatric cancer patients treated in Hawai‘i: comparing Hawai‘i residents to children referred from the Pacific Islands
Faye Untalan, Kelley Woodruff, Charles Hardy, Mira Liao, Dmitry Krupitsky, Pages 114-119
Native Hawaiians mortality, morbidity, and lifestyle: comparing data from 1982, 1990, and 2000
David B. Johnson, Neil Oyama, Loic LeMarchand, Lynne Wilkens, Pages 120-130
Tobacco use prevention and control: implications for Native Hawaiian communities
Henry M. Ichiho, Pages 131-138
Demographic, treatment, and survival patterns for Native Hawaiians with lung cancer treated at a community medical center from 1995 to 2001
David M. K. I. Liu, Sandi A. Kwee, Pages 139-145
Ethnic differences in breast cancer in Hawai‘i: age, stage, hormone receptor status, and survival
Kathryn L. Braun, Megan Fong, Carolyn C. Gotay, Clayton D.K. Chong, Pages 146-153
Native Hawaiian preferences for informed consent and disclosure of results from research using stored biological specimens
Megan Fong, Kathryn L. Braun, R. Mei-Ling Chang, Pages 154-159
Primary care physicians’ knowledge, attitudes and practices related to cancer screening and cancer prevention clinical trials
Momi E. Ka‘ano‘i, Kathryn L. Braun, Carolyn C. Gotay, Pages 160-163
Ka Lôkahi Wâhine: a culturally based training for health professionals
Claire K. Hughes, Paula Higuchi, Pages 166-169
Increasing participation in cancer research: insights from Native Hawaiian women in medically underserved communities
Lana Sue Ka‘opua, Diane Mitschke, Joelene Lono, Pages 170-175
Factors associated with health-seeking behaviors of Native Hawaiian men
Claire K. Hughes, Pages 176-182
Community based participatory approaches to address health disparities in Hawai‘i: recent applications in cancer prevention, detection and treatment programs
Ann M. Pobutsky, Paran Pordell, Barbara Yamashita, Danette Wong Tomiyasu, Wendy Ku‘uipo Nihoa, Kent Kitagawa, Judy Mikami, Tonya Lowery St. John, Jodi Haunani Leslie, Pages 183-190
Ethnic identities and lifestyles in a multi-ethnic cancer patient population
Carolyn Cook Gotay, Joan Holup, Pages 191-198

Viewpoints and Perspectives
Health research in the Pacific
Sunia Foliaki, Toakase Fakakovikaetau, Lepani Waqatakirewa, Neil Pearce, Pages 199-203
The 'place' of data
Mary Frances Mailelauli‘i Oneha, Pages 204-208
Time to care
Momi E. Ka‘ano‘i, Pages 209-210
The poisoning of ‘awa: the non-traditional use of an ancient remedy
Harriet Makia Awana O’Sullivan, Kehaulani Lum, Pages 211-215
Cancer, reproductive abnormalities, and diabetes in Micronesia: the effect of nuclear testing
Seiji Yamada, Pages 216-221

Innovative Cancer Initiatives
The Special Populations Networks for cancer awareness research and training
Kenneth C. Chu, Frank E. Jackson,Pages 222-224
Nâ Liko Noelo: a program to develop Nativ e Hawaiian researchers
JoAnn ‘Umilani Tsark, Kathryn L. Braun, Pages 225-232
Addressing the cancer control needs of Pacific Islanders: experience of the Pacific Islander Cancer Control Network
F. Allan Hubbell, Pat H. Luce, William P. Afeaki, Lee Ann C. Cruz, Terri Gumataotao, Juliet M. McMullin, June Pouesi, Maria Lourdes Reyes, Leafa Tuita Taumoepeau, Galeai Moali‘itele Tu’ufuli, Lari Wenzel, Pages233-238
APPEAL: fighting for social justice in tobacco control among Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders through leadership and capacity building
Rod Lew, Pages239-242
The Pacific Island Health Care Project: easing the cancer burden in the United States Associated Pacific Islands
Donald A. Person, Pages243-247
National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service in the Pacific: developing partnerships to meet the cancer information needs of Asian American & Pacific Islander populations
Hali Robinett, Pages248-249

Review Papers
The traditional Hawaiian diet: a review of the literature
Ruth Fujita, Kathryn L. Braun, Claire K. Hughes, Pages250-259

Conference Reports
Report on the National Conference on Tobacco or Health Conference, 2003
LorrieAnn Santos, Lisa Ka‘ano‘i, Leimomi Shearer, Pages260-262
9th Biennial Symposium on Minorities, the Medically Underserved and Cancer, 2004: a conference report
Stephen P. Jiang, Pages263-264
An outpouring of intellect and aloha: Conference report on Kamehameha Schools’ 2003 Research Conference on the education and well-being of Hawaiians
Matthew Corry, Pages265-267
Book Reviews
Community-Based Participatory Research for Health by Meredith Minkler & Nina Wallerstein (Editors)
Reviewed by Lana Sue I. Ka‘opua, Pages 268-270

Glossary of Hawaiian Words
Pages 271