About Pacific Health Dialog

The main aim of Pacific Health Dialog (PHD) is to provide a platform for an international exchange of experiences and opinions on all aspects of health in the Pacific.

The scope of the Journal is for all the major health professional groups including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, plastic surgeons, administrators, educators, nutritionists, sanitarians, medical assistants and technicians. PHD is also be of interest to academics working in sociology, anthropology, history, public health, agriculture, economics, and other disciplines involved in the health of the people of the Pacific.

Ultimately PHD aims to contribute towards improved health care and status at all levels for all Pacificans.

PHD, the premier journal for Pacific health, is marketed to major health professional groups and those with an interest in Pacific health and welfare. It contains peer reviewed original papers, case reports, communications, viewpoints and opinions, reviews, and news from Pacific health institutions contributed by local and international health professionals.