Guidelines for Reviewers of Submissions for the Pacific Health Dialog

 Thank you for your assistance in serving as a Reviewer for this submission for publication in the Pacific Health Dialog (PHD).  You have been chosen as a Reviewer in recognition of your knowledge of the Pacific and of your likely ability to offer a constructive review of the attached submission.


We request that you review the attached submission and make appropriate editorial comments and recommended changes in regards to the following:




-          that the paper is understandable to a spectrum of health care workers in the Pacific

-          that graphs or tables are understandable, and are used appropriately

-          that grammar and spelling are correct


Technical content


-          that the content is accurate

-          that statements are supported by the information or data presented


Usefulness and relevance to PHD readers


If possible, please make all comments and recommended changes in italics and within square brackets in the computer file provided near the place where the comment, correction or recommendation relates to…. for example,….


…. [the previous statement is NOT supported by the data presented in the “Results” section]


…. [change spelling from “Ponape” to “Pohnpei”]


In addition to the above, also please provide a final conclusion as to whether the paper should be published in the PHD or not (or suggestions for revision for publication in the PHD or elsewhere).


Suggested changes to the paper in either content or style will be communicated by the editors to the authors based on the comments of the Reviewers.  The identity of the Reviewers, however, will not be revealed to the authors.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance!