The Health of Native Hawaiians V5 No2

Issue Editors: JoAnn Tsark & Dr. Sitaleki Finau

APOLOGY. In the first printing, the word "Hawaii'an" should be read "Hawaiian". Due to a mixup at the office, the word "Hawaiian" got extensively mis-edited ! The second printing corrected this.


Guest Editorials
JoAnn Tsark, Richard Blaisdell, Noa Emmett Aluli
Kenneth Brown, Pages 228-231

Special Feature
Ke Ala Ola Pono: the Native Hawaiian community’s effort to heal itself
H. Spoehr, M. Akau, W. Akutagawa, K. Birnie, Mei–Ling Chang, E. Kinney, S. Nissanka, D. Peters, R. Sagum, D. Soares, Pages 232-238

Original Papers
Laau Lapaau: herbal healing among contemporary Hawaiian healers
N. Judd, Pages 239-245
Where are the Native Hawaiian physicians?
'Iwalani Else, N. Palafox, D. Little, Pages 246-252
Injury and disability among Native Hawaiians
D. Goebert, K. Birnie, Pages 253-259

Case Reports and Short Communications
Trends in births in the Northern Mariana Islands
A. Fox, T. Parker, K. S. Palmer, Page 260-265
The relationship between Sakau (kava) and gastritis
J. Ngirasowei, J. Malani, Pages 266-268
A retrospective review of inpatient pediatric records in Majuro Hospital, 1996
H. Yin, M. Lanwi, Pages 269-270

Conference Reports and Papers
Native Hawai'ian Health and Wellness Summit: Ka ‘Uhane Lokahi
M. A. Look, G. Mackura, H. Spoehr, Pages 271-272
Inside out: methodological issues on being a ‘native’ researcher
M. Anae, Pages 273-279
Twelfth International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect: ‘Protecting Children: Innovation and Inspiration’, Auckland, September '98
Greg Dever, Pages 280-281

Review Papers
Na Kupuna in Hawai'i: a review of social and health status, service use and the importance of value–based interventions
N. Mokuau, C. V. Browne, K. L. Braun, Pages 282-289
The health of Hawaiian women
M. Look, S. Sylva, G. Baruffi, Pages 290-286
Papa Ola Lokahi Hawaiian health update: mortality, morbidity and behavioral risks
D. B. Johnson, N. Oyama, L. Le Marchand, Pages 297-314
Cancer in Native Hawaiians
J. U. Tsark, Pages 315-327
Traditional Hawaiian diet programs: a culturally competent chronic disease intervention
C. K. Hughes, Pages 328-331
Dental caries in early childhood among Native Hawaiians
M. H. K. Greer, S. L. Tengan, Pages 332-336
Polynesian ethnobotanicals: a critical role in new drug discovery
C. D. Boyd, A. Maunakea, L. J. Mordan, K. Csiszar, Pages 337-340
Etiology of depression among Native Hawaiians
K. M. Crabbe, Pages 341-345
Current status of research on diabetes mellitus and associated risk factors in Native Hawaiians
M. K. Mau, Pages 346-349
Mongolia: a transitional society and the consequences for adolescent health
A. Diaz, Pages 350-356

Viewpoints and Perspectives
Ka Maka o ka Ihe Laumeki – The Point of the Barbed Spear: Native Hawaiian epistemology and health
J. Nani’ole, M. A. Meyer, Pages 357-360
A holistic assessment method of health and well–being for Native Hawaiian communities
D. P. McGregor, L. Minerbi, J. Matsuoka, Pages 361-369
Disease management: the interface between Hawaiian health and the Western health care system
J. Humphry, T. L. K. Reinhardt, Pages 370-374

Pacific Health Institutions
A history of Imi Ho'ola
B. B. C. Young, Pages 375-377
The Pa'ani Program: community-based early intervention and its implications for Hawaiian health
J. Inouye, A. W. Guillory, G. Fink, Pages 378-380
Kahuku Hospital Healthy Communities Farmers Market: a culturally appropriate health intervention
A. Hughes, Pages 381-382
Hele Mai 'Ai: developing a culturally competent nutrition education program
S. K. Odom, Pages 383-385
Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship Placement Program
K. K. Birnie, Pages 386-389

Book Reviews
Pages 390-391

Journal Abstracts
Pages 392-396

Glossary of Hawaiian words and phrases
Pages 397-397

Some Hawaiian health agencies and programs
Pages 398-398

Letters to the Editor
Pages 399-402

PHD Editorials
G. Dever, S A Finau, Pages 403-404