Pacific Public Health 1


Pacific Public Health 1

September 2003

Volume 10 Number 2


Guest Editorials

Wame Baravilala, Pages 001-002 

Original Papers

Psychosocial adjustments of native Hawaiian women living with HIV/AIDS
Lisa Orimoto, Charles W Muelier, Pages 003-009

HIV protection and screening in women in New Caledonia
Christine Salomon, Christine Hamelin, Paquette Goldberg, Remi Sitta, Diane Cyr, Marcel Goldberg, Pages 010-015

Health challenges of some urban Cook Island women in New Zealand
Edith Moore, R Glynn Owens, Sitaleki Finau, Pages 016-026

Reorienting Environmental health practice in Fiji The potential in developing a national environmental health action plan
Brent Powis, Navi Litidamu, Zina O’Leary, Pages 027-033

Building cultural competence in a interdisciplinary community service-learning project
Doris Segal Matsunaga, Glen Rediger, Blandina Mamaclay, Darrin Sato, Seiji Yamada, Pages 034-040

Kava drinking in Vanuatu
Robert Grace, Pages 041-044

Nonlinear dynamics of the observed HIV-positive population size in Fiji
Jito Vanualailai, Arun Deo, Bibhya Sharma, Subash Chandra, Pages 045-052

Decisions and dilemmas – reproductive health needs assessment for adolescent girls in Samoa
Shareen Lata, Pages 053-061

Norms for Fiji and a cross cultural clinical validation of general health questionnaire
AJW Taylor, Henry Aghanwa, FH Wakley, Pages 062-065

The psychometric cross cultural validation of the impact of event scale
AJW Taylor, Henry Aghanwa, FH Wakley, Pages 066-070

Maori’s men perceptions and experiences of health seeking for prostate health problems in New Zealand
Paora N Williams, Marion A Gray, Tania M Ka’ai, John C Moorfield, Kathryn M Mcpherson, Philip Weinstein, John N Nacey, Pages 071-078

Oranga Kaumatua: Perceptions of health in older Maori people
John Waldon, Pages 079-086

Case Studies and Short Communications

Commentary on Diabetes and Tongans in Aotearoa
Sitaleki Finau, Eseta Finau, Pages 087-089

Review Papers

Prevalence and causes of Diabetes in Pacific People
Sunia Foliaki, Neil Pearce, Pages 090-098

Viewpoints and Perspectives

Principles in designing traditional medicine education programs
Charlie Changli Xue, Chun Guang Li, Pages 099-105

An ecological model of native Hawaiian well-being
Davianna P McGregor, Paula T Morelli, Jon K Matsuoka, Rona Rodenhurst, Noella Kong, Michael S Spenser, Pages 106-128

Health financing options for Fiji’s health system
Madhukar Pande, Pages 129-140

The voyage to McDonals – Short and long term factors in the etiology of obesity in Maori children in Aotearoa
George Gray, Pages 141-148

Certifying Lymphatic filariasis elimination in the Pacific – the need for new tools
David Durrheim, Tekaai Nelesone, Richard Speare, Wayne Melrose, Pages 149-154

SIDS Among Pacificans in New Zealand: an Ecological Perspective
Fiva Fa’alau, Sitaleki A Finau, Julie Parks, Sally Abel, Pages 155-162

Conference Papers

Re Presenting and Re Searching Oceania: A Suggestions for Synthesis
Konai H Thaman, Pages 163-170

Pacific Health Instititions

Innovations in service delivery to improve Maori health outcomes: a mobile disease state management nursing service
Janet Maloney-Moni, Nicola North, Pages 171-177

Pacific Telepathology Service at the Fiji School of Medicine: narration of experience, problems & future direction. A Pacific Island perspective
Shashidar VM, Brauchli K, Oberholzer M, Pryor J, Kishore K, Roy Krishna, Pages 178-181

SIDS or Sitisi: Plight and Response of Pacificans in New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Eseta Finau, Sitaleki A Finau, Nite Fuamatu, C Tukuitonga , Pages 182-192


Who said yes? Collective and individual framing of Pacific children’s consent to, and participation in, research in New Zealand
Tamasailau M Suaalii, Helen Mavoa, Pages 193-197


PMA Conference 2003
Pages 198-223

Letter to Editor

Dental Anesthesiology in Japan
Zac Morse, Pages 224-225

PHD Matters

Editorial Assistant
Setita Naqelevuki, Page 226

Sitaleki Finau