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Sunday, 25 April 2010 08:12

ISSUE EDITOR Dr Will Parks, UNICEF, Suva Fiji, Associate Professor
Graham Roberts, Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji

PRIMARY EDITOR Sitaleki A. Finau, Director Pasifi ka @ Massey,
Albany Campus, Massey University, New Zealand.
Hawaiian Team

EDITORIAL ASSISTANCE Makeleta Koloi and Shirley Prasad, Health Research Council
of the Pacifi c Limited, Suva, Fiji
Azima Mazid, Directorate Pasifi ka @ Massey, Massey
University, Auckland, New Zealand



Guest Editorial
Page 7-12

Original Papers
Dietary Intake in Infants and Young Children in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
Victoria M. Gammiono, Joel Gittelsohn, Justina R. Langidrik, Page 13-22
Geriatric Assessment during Health Promotional Home Visits by Zone Nurses of the Suva Subdivision, Fiji.
Adriu Naduva, Page 23-28
Attempted Suicide in Western Viti Levu, Fiji.
Graham Roberts, Joanne Cohen, Nazim Khan and Wayne Irava, Page 29-34
Masculinity, Mental Health and Violence in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji and Kiribati.
Graham Roberts, Page 35-42
Pilot Food Store Intervention is Associated with Improved Health Knowledge, Food Purchasing and Preparation in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
Joel Gittelsohn, Ph.D. and et al, Page 43-54
Assessing Overweight and Obesity in American Samoan Adolescents using International Obesity Task Force and Centers for Disease Control Body Mass Index Cutoffs, Waist Circumference, and a Quarter-Century Perspective.
Nicky Davison and et al, Page 55-62

Case Reports and Short Communications
Evolving directions in health promotion workforce development.
Neil Harris and et al, Page 63-66
Towards prevention of breast cancer in the Pacific: Influence of diet and lifestyle.
Afolabi I. R, Page 67-70
Nutrition Communication in the Pacific.
Leticia White and Wila Saweri, Page 71-76

Review Papers
Some lessons in tackling social determinants of health in resource-poor settings: health promotion with young people in Vanuatu.
Patrick Harris and et al, Page 77-84

Reprint Section
Cultural democracy: The way forward for primary care of hard to reach New Zealanders.
Sitaleki A. Finau, Page 85-94

Viewpoints and Perspectives
Building the Capacity of Fijian Communities to Improve Health Outcomes.
Glenn Laverack, Page 95-100
The Concept of health promotion in Fiji.
Martin McNamara and Manasa Rayasidamu, Page 101-106
A Proposed future for the care, treatment and rehabilitation of mentally ill people in Fiji.
Graham Roberts, Myrielle Cruz and Elenoa Seru Puamau, Page 107-110
Pacific Issues of Biodiversity, Health and Nutrition.
Lois Englberger and et al, Page 111-114
Reducing tobacco-related harm in the Pacific.
Matthew Allen and Dave Clarke, Page 115-118
The Role of Policy in Health Promotion – Fiji.
Graham Roberts and Litiana Kuridrani, Page 119-124
From ‘What to ‘How’ – Capacity Building in Health Promotion for HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Solomon Islands.
Karen McPhail-Bell and et al, Page 125-132

Pacific Health Institutions
Putting the community at the Center of Measuring Change in HIV prevention in Papua New Guinea: The Tingim Laip (Think of Life) Mobilisation.
Che Katz and et al, Page 133-138
The Pacific OPIC Project (Obesity Prevention in Communities) – Objectives and Designs.
Boyd Swinburn and et al, Page 139-146
The Pacific OPIC Project (Obesity Prevention in Communities): Action Plans and Interventions.
Jimaima Schultz and et al, Page 147-154

Letters To The Editor
Most Significant Change Technique in the Pacific.
Jessica Dart , Page 155
Quit Victoria’s smoking cessation training at the local, national and international level.
Stavroula Zandes, Page 156
Pacific Circumcision for Boys
Sitaleki Finau , Page 157-160

Abstracts on Oral Health Promotion in the Pacific.
Zac Morse, Page 161-164

PHD Matters
Editorial Assistance
Makeleta Koloi & Shirley Prasad, Page 165
From the Editor
Sitaleki ‘Ata’ata Finau, Page 166