Community Health and Clinical Medicine


Guest Editorial
Dr Giuseppe Cuboni, Page 5-8

Original Papers
Mobilising Pacific people for health: Insights from a Hepatitis B Screening Programme in New Zealand
A Herman, C Bullen, S A Finau, M Ofano, Page 9-17
Samoan Youth and Family relationships in Aotearoa New Zealandm
Fuafiva Fa'alau and Victoria Jensen, Page 17-24
An outbreak of Measles, Koro Island, 1997
Eric Ravai, Page 25-30
Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart disease in Samoa
Satupaitea Viali, Page 31-38
Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart disease in Fiji: A review from the surveillance system (1996-2000)
Hien D Cuboni, S A Finau, G Cuboni, Page 39-48
Control of Rhematic Heart Disease in the Pacific Region
A Steer, S Colquhoun, S Noonan, J Kado, S Viale, J Carapetis, A Steer, Page 49-56
Sociocultural Factors Influencing the Food Choices of 16-18 year old Indigenous Fijian Females at School
G Waqa, H Mavoa, Page 57-64
Physical and psychological health problems of garment workers in the Fiji Islands
Anand Chand, Page 65-70
Commmunity leader suppport for tobacco control activities & policies on Guam
M B Ehlert, A P Gumataotao, R L Workman, et al, Page 71-78
Utilisation review of first admissions in 2002: St Giles Psychiatric Hospital, Suva, Fiji
Elenoa Seru Puamau, Page 79-88
Chemical safety practice amongst the health workers of Fiji
Adriu Naduva, Page 89-96
Evidence for a curriculum review for secondary schools in Fiji
N Khan, M Cigljarevic, J T Schultz, Page 97-102

Case Reports and Short Communications
Management of malignant pleural effusions by talc pleurodesis
Ifereimi Waqainabete, Page 103-106
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Complications and experiences in Tonga
Saia Piukala, Page 107-110
Death from multi-resistant shigellosis: A case study from Fiji
Chris Watson, Page 111-114

Review Papers
Circumcision of Pacific boys: Tradition at the cutting edge
R Thomson, S A Finau, E Finau, et al, Page 115-122
Health Effects of marijuana
Nixon Panda Jn, Page 123-130
Kava consumption and its health effects
Ramneek Goundar, Page 131-136
PBL in Physiotherapy: A review of perception and attitudes of students
Vandana Thavare, Page 137-140

Reprint Section
Male Circumcision and HIV prevention: Ethical, Medical and Public Health Tradeoffs in Low-income countries
S Rennie, A S Muula, D Westreic, Page 141-142

Viewpoints and Perspectives
Managing health care system in small island countries: Palau
Stevenson Kuartei, Page 143-150

Pacific Health Institution
Fiji School of Medicine Diploma in Pharmacy graduates, ten years analysis - where are they now?
MCE Bailey, E Khaiyum, Prasad VR, Page 151-154
The Pacific Centre for Emergency Health - an anatomy of collaborative development and change - the Palau perspective
V Yano, M Ueda, J Tellei, et al, Page 155-158

Conference Report
The First Tongan Health Professionals Conference: Seeking Cultural Democracy for Health
E Finau, L Uili, S A Finau, V Willis, Page 159-162

Pacific Global Health Conference - 2005, Hawaii
J Rarick, Page 163-196

PHD Matters
Editorial Assistant
Setita Naqelevuki, Page 197
S A Finau, Page 198