2004 & 2005 Pacific Health Summits for Sustainable Disaster Risk Management



Letter of Introduction
Page 4
Declaration of the Pacific Health Summit for Sustainable Disaster Risk Management
Page 5-10
Pictures of 2005 Pacific Health Summit
Page 11
Landslide Hazard Map: A Life Saving Tool
Page 12-14
Analysis of Tsunami Storm Surge Hazards in Saipan (CNMI) and Landslide Hazards in Kosrae (FSM)
Page 15-16
Reducing Vulnerabilityto Health Risks During Disaster Emergencies for Communities in Tuvalu and Tokelau Through Community Empowerment
Page 17-18
Pacific Learning from Emergencies and Disasters (PLEAD)
Page 19-21
Empowering Community with Training on Psycho-Social Support in Disasters
Page 22-24
Health Disaster Risk Management Training in the Pacific
Page 25-27
Increased Community Capacity For Establishing Managing Emergency Settlements
Page 28-30
Strengthened National Influenza Preparedness (SNIP)
Page 31-32
Developing Resilience and Reducing Vulnerability in the Pacific: A Head-Start Disaster Risk Management through Schools
Page 33-35
The Pacific Health Team
Page 36-38
Pacific Regional Network for the Training and Support in Disaster Risk Management (DRM)
Page 39-41
Pacific Public Health Emergency Operations Planning
Page 42-45
Pacific Health Risk Communication and Disaster Information Management
Page 46-48
Manual on Health Emergency Response for the Region
Page 49-50
Establishing Community Disaster Recovery Capacity in Health for Communities in 22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories
Page 51-52