Fiji School of Medicine 1885-2010 Celebrating 125 Years



Fiji School of Medicine 1885-2010 Celebrating 125 Years

September 2010

Volume 16 Number 2




Ass. Professor Graham Roberts


125 Years Celebration Special
Dean of the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science
Professor Ian Rouse


The Fiji School of Medicine – History, 1886-1971 The Late Hawley T.G, Obituary – Hawley . T.G


The Evolution of Primary Health Care in Fiji: Past, Present and Future
Negin Joel, Roberts Graham, Lingam Dharam

Building an Economic Case for Food Interventions in the Pacific

Snowdon Wendy, Negin Joel, Moodie Marj

Improving Integration and Coordination of Funding, Technical Assistance, and Reporting/Data Collection: Recommendations from CDC and USAPI Stakeholders
Ka’opua Lana Sue I, White Susan F, Rochester Phyllis F, Holden Debra J

Comparisons of Health Expenditure in Pacific Island Countries using National Health Accounts
Hopkin Sandra, Irava Wayne, Kei Tin Yiu

125 Celebration
Medical News – Graduation Ceremony 1975


HIV and AIDS Responses of Health Care Training Institutions in the Pacific Islands – A Literature Review
Lui Paraniala S., Musson Rachel, Kamal Kishore, Ram Sharan...55

125 Celebration
Fiji School of Medicine Graduation Ceremony 1980



Vitello-intestinal duct Fistula – a rare presentation of a patent Vitello-intestinal duct.
Ali Akhtar, Jawale Atul R., Cama Jitoko

Missed Disgnosis: Blunt Abdominal Injury – Case Report.

Nagra Sonal, Dubey Aluk, Cama Jitoko

An Ingested Toothbrush.
Murari Arun & Piukala Saia

Recurrent abdominal pain post appendectomy – A rare case.
Cama Jitoko

Adult postoperative intussusception – A Case Report.
Jawale Atul, Murari Arun, Para Wallyion, Ali Akhtar

Guillain-Barre Syndrome associated with Typhoid Fever – A Case Study in the Fiji Islands.
May William, Senitiri Iokimi

Simple and Effective External Fixator for Finger Fractures
Matanaicake Semesa Jnr, Matanaicake Semesa Snr, Cama Jitoko, McCaig Eddie

125 Celebration
Editorial – Progress in the Medical Education at the Fiji School of Medicine.
Speech by the Minister of Health (Fiji), Honourable Edward James Beddoes (1980)


Ciguatera Fish Poisoning & Environmental Change – A Case for Strengthening Health Surveillance in the Pacific
Derne Bonnie, Fearnley Emily, Goater Sarah, Carter Karen, Weinstein Philip

Generic Medicines – How confident should we be?

Lynn Weekes, Iqbal Ramzan

Western epistemology
Roberts Graham

Writing for academic purposes
Roberts Graham

125 Celebration
The Fiji School of Medicine: Changes in 1984
By Harry Lander, FRACP, Head Fiji School of Medicine


The Turtle and the Caduceus
Author: David Brewster
Reviewed by Graham Roberts

125 Celebration

An address delivered by Hon. Dr Kurisaqila, Minister for Health & Social Welfare (Fiji), FSM Graduation Ceremony, 5th December 1984


Introduction to the World Bank Flagship Course on Health Systems Strengthening and Health Financing
Irava Wayne J

125 Celebration
FSM Produced Practical Surgeons Dr Jona Senilagakali Baravilala

125 Celebrations in Samoa
FSMed Alumni in American Samoa

Reflections of FSM Student Life and Career Developments
Speech by Dr. Salanieta Saketa, Permanent Secretary for Health (Fiji)


From The Editor - Sitaleki A Finau
From the Editorial Assistant - Mabel Hazelman, Setita Naqelevuki